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Suggest new mockup

Tell our contributors what type of mockup you are missing. The suggestions with the most votes will be visible for all mockup designers to see, and you will be notified if the type you vote for, gets created.

movie theater

theater screen

9 votes

Mockups with transparant backgrounds

iPhone, iPad and iMac mockups with a transparant background

33 votes

Wall with frames

Wall with pictures frames in Living room, Childrens room and dining room with or withou people. Scandinavian style.

4 votes

I pad hammock

An I pad portrait being held by a woman's hands lazing in a hammock on the beach (sea in the background) :)

1 vote

Iphone X car

Person using iphone x close to car, in car or outside a car park.

2 votes


New mockups

2 votes

Winter, Cold, Snow, Animals/Pets

A collection with a cooler tone showing a "cold" vibe. Pets would be a convenient collection as well.

20 votes

Black frame on white wall

Just the frame on the wall and nothing else. Will be used to show off posters and photos

3 votes

I Pad on a Boat

An Ipad being held portrait by a woman on a fancy boat at sea

1 vote

Canvas on a white wall

Canvas on a white wall available in portrait, landscape and square sizes to show off photography on a clean wall

5 votes

Spiral bound books

Black plastic coil bound book. There are tons with metal coils but very few with plastic, which is very popular to sell.

3 votes

3D book

3d book based on images we upload

6 votes

Photography Printing

your prints coming out of the printer

5 votes

AR mockup

iOS devices that seems like using AR apps with people interaction, like holding the device and see to the screen

11 votes

Office coffee service

in an open space office space with people working or taking a coffee break

8 votes

3D Wall Logo

A collection of wall logos to advertise businesses

3 votes

More Business Cards

no hands and on various surface… that would be great! thanks! A

3 votes

In home transitional areas etc.

Hallway, end of hallway, mud room (yes people frame and hang prints in their mud room), wall along stairs (you have stairs, but people sitting on the steps?? Weird use case), foyer/entryway, finished garage

6 votes

newspaper ad

hi sir, we need newspaper ad in landscape and portrait mockup please

4 votes


black shoes on person

3 votes

Retro - Amiga or Commodore 64

It would be great to have some retro possibilities like the Amiga or C64.

1 vote

book covers

mockup for different book covers

16 votes

Jumbo Fridge Magnets

90mm x 600mm Jumbo Fridge Magnets

1 vote


On office with a team (more than 3 people) working together/ having a meeting

9 votes

Fun Mock Ups

Wanted Signs Funny Mock Ups

1 vote

Soft and hard cover books

Need views of closed to see covers and open to see interiors, with squared edges of both hardcover and softcover books, 6"x9" and 8.5"x11".

2 votes

Hotel Bedroom Art

Hanging prints and frames in Hotel bedrooms

4 votes

Rolled Canvas Prints

Rolled Canvas for Artists to promote sample works

3 votes

Vehicle Magnet Signs

Magnet signs that o on vehicles.

1 vote


Construction Site

I would like a mockup of a land surveyor at a construction site using his data collector and or tablet

5 votes

iPhone X mockup at poolside

I would like a mockup of someone holding an iPhone X in hands next to a pool.

7 votes

Gym mockups

I would like some gym mockups with iPads and iPhones

1 vote